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Certificate of Disposition

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A certificate of disposition is a certified record that is no longer then one page long that summarized what happened in a specific criminal case. These records are available from the clerks office. They can be found in the Criminal Court or the Supreme Court.

When a person is requesting a certificate of disposition they are going to have to pay a fee for this record and a small amount of money that will go toward a court cost. Usually the court will have this certificate for a person within one week at the longest. There are several ways that a person can get their certificate of disposition. They can get a copy emailed or faxed to them. If a person wishes and is willing to wait an extra couple of days they can have an original copy send to them in the mail. A person can use this information to show that their case has been closed and the exact details of the criminal case.

The certificate of disposition can also show that a person was able to make bail and how much their bail was. The bail bondsman will need to have their seal on this certificate as well.
If a person needs to order more then one copy of a certificate of deposit they will need to pay the court costs for every additional certificate that they get. If the case was dismissed this information will also show up.

A Certificate of Disposition can show the exact proceedings in a court in a summary. This can help a person get the truth about a court case which may be needed for employment purposes. 

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